Mau Binh New888 – Updated Details on How to Play Big Wins

Mau Binh New888 Deserves to be the number 1 name if you want to explore at the game portal. Although it also uses the same famous 52-card deck, the game’s rules of play are somewhat different from many other titles. If you don’t know how to play card games, please quickly refer to this article New88HG to understand correctly.

Is the New888 Mau Binh card game difficult to play?

The experts at the famous game portal New888 always appreciate the card game Mau Binh. This is always one of the excellent card games, ranking at the top of the games you should choose first. Mau Binh, also known as xam gray, has a long origin in our country.

Play version Mau Binh New888 has brought members the opportunity to play attractive intellectual games. In fact, playing card game is not as difficult as many people think once you have a firm grasp of the rules. The main task of the card hands in the game is to use 13 cards divided by the system to arrange into 3 hands according to regulations.

The mandatory requirement is that the player must arrange the first hand of 3 cards, and the following hands must have 5 cards each. Note, in the process of arranging, you must follow the rule that the strongest hand is the last hand and then gradually decrease towards the first hand consisting of 3 cards.

Basic terms to understand in Mau Binh

The interesting card game Mau Binh has very high requirements for compliance with regulations. Therefore, understanding the terms while playing helps bettors feel secure when entering the game.

Terms Meaning in Mau Binh song
Mau bid The player’s cards do not enter any links.
Dao/ Pair/ Dap/ Phe That means 2 cards (pairs of cards) have the same value.
Animal When the owner has 2 pairs in his hand at the same time, it usually appears on the last 2 limbs.
Grey This means that the 3 cards have the same value.
Bin These are 5 cards Mau Binh New888 Similar in quality but not placed next to each other, cannot create a hall.
With him Appears when one of the last 2 hands (2 hands possessing 5 cards) owns a paired Gray.
Four quarters These are the last hands, including 5 cards with 4 cards of the same value.
Eat white This case occurs when the player owns a dragon straight consisting of 13 cards in their hand arranged adjacent to each other.

There are also some other special cases you can pay attention to such as: Lobby breakers or large lobby breakers,…

Mau Binh New888 – Updated Details on How to Play Big Wins

Instructions for playing Mau Binh New888 in detail from a to z

How to play card game at New888 portal specifically, is it difficult or not? If you are worried about this issue, please pay attention quickly to the next information shared by the playground!
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How to play Mau Binh New888 correctly step by step betting

As I have introduced to you, when playing card games, you need to strictly follow the rules/ In which, each player will be dealt 13 cards, then asked to arrange them into 3 hands with the number of cards clearly stated. . Bettors need to try to arrange their cards to become the strongest combination to defeat other opponents.

The game will be based on the strength of the cards to determine victory or defeat. In case the cards are equal, those 2 players will be automatically dealt chickens by the system. If you cannot arrange all the cards to lose to other players, you will be considered a flop and lose. If you arrange the cards Mau Binh New888 Wrong or incorrect things that increase strength are considered faulty soldiers.

Calculate points in Mau Binh

In a card game, gamers will need to pay attention to the following simple, super easy-to-understand scoring method:

  • The amount of money involved in betting the main game is equal to the amount lost when a hand is lost.
  • If the bet is lost, the player will be considered a loser, the score will be calculated by dividing the loss x2 the previous bet.
  • In case there are four quarters in the last limb, each door will receive four limbs. If four of a kind are in the middle division, the player will win 8 hands for each house.
  • The player will be punished with 3 hands if the boss ranks in the first hand (the hand has 3 cards).
  • If the player owns the hall clearing box in the last hand, the player will win 5 hands from each house. If this combination appears in the division, the prize will be up to 10 for each house.

What should you keep in mind to make the card game easier to win?

To improve your chances of winning in Mau Binh card game, bettors need to pay attention to the following important issues:

  • First, you need to make sure you clearly understand the rules for arranging cards into branches to avoid confusion. Follow the exact order of strength and weakness to avoid mistakes.
  • Choose the right bet level to participate in Mau Binh to suit your ability. High betting ability also comes with certain risks, so bettors need to calculate the worst case scenario.
  • Regularly participate in card games to improve card arranging skills and experience. Don’t forget to learn how to play cards from professional players to increase your chances of winning more easily.

The above article has helped those who love card games clearly understand the game and how to participate specifically. Hopefully the sharing about Mau Binh New888 in New888.online can quickly help you hunt for attractive bonuses in your pocket.

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