How to get Madden NFL 24 Free Rewards

Welcome to our blog! In this article, we will discuss our favorite American football game, Madden NFL 24. Specifically, we will delve into the prizes available this year for those who tune into the live streams on the official EA Madden NFL Twitch channel.

The MCS (Madden Championship Series) is a competition program for Madden NFL 24. During the MCS broadcasts on Twitch, viewers who have linked their EA and Twitch accounts can earn MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) packs and special players as rewards. Get ready for the new Madden Season, buy MUT coins here at U7BUY! As the premier destination for Madden enthusiasts, U7BUY offers a one-stop solution for all your NFL MUT coins needs.

How to earn rewards

To access all the amazing rewards offered by the Madden NFL 24 MCS Drops program, it is essential to link your EA and Twitch accounts. This connection will allow you to unlock exclusive MUT packs and special players known as MCS Drop Rewards during MCS broadcasts on Twitch.

Throughout the season, if you manage to collect all 6 MCS Drop Reward players, you will have the opportunity to redeem a powerful MCS Champion player with a high Overall Rating (OVR). This player will provide you with an unprecedented competitive advantage in the game!

But the surprises don’t stop there. During special broadcasts called “Challenger” and “Madden Bowl,” you can earn packs containing MCS Drop Reward players. These events offer you the chance to acquire additional valuable players, expand your collection, and strengthen your roster.

Moreover, if you enjoy watching YouTube broadcasts, you can also earn standard packs during MCS broadcasts. Simply link your EA and YouTube accounts to receive these special packs. It’s a great way to obtain extra resources and improve your team.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain exclusive rewards and enhance your gaming experience with the Madden NFL 24 MCS Drops program. Collect MCS Drop Reward players, participate in special broadcasts, and enjoy all the fantastic surprises that await you!

Upcoming Events

Here are some of the upcoming events you can participate in and the fantastic prizes you can win by participating in these events. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in these exciting occasions and have the chance to win exceptional prizes!

Challenger 1 Broadcast on 10/18

  • Tune into the broadcast for 120 minutes to earn a pack with the Challenger 1 MCS Drop Reward Player.

Challenger 2 Broadcast on 11/14

  • Tune into the broadcast for 120 minutes to earn a pack with the Challenger 2 MCS Drop Reward Player.

Challenger 3 Broadcast on 12/6

  • Tune into the broadcast for 120 minutes to earn a pack with the Challenger 3 MCS Drop Reward Player.

Challenger 4 Broadcast 1/10

  • Tune into the broadcast for 120 minutes to earn a pack with the Challenger 4 MCS Drop Reward Player.

Madden Bowl Broadcast TBD

  • Just like the Ultimate Kickoff, viewers will be able to earn MCS Tokens during each broadcast of the Madden Bowl that can be redeemed for the Madden Bowl MCS Drop Reward player.
  • The broadcast days and token amount needed to redeem this player are TBD.
  • Note: Ultimate Kickoff Tokens will not work in the Madden Bowl MCS Drop Reward player set.


Are you ready for this new season of Madden live stream full of prizes?

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