Fish shooting game: Make money very easily with great tips

Shooting fish game has been present in the gaming market many years ago. First, players learned about the game through fish shooting machines at supermarkets, amusement parks, etc. Then, advanced technology for fish shooting games was developed and is available on phones, websites and even at Trang chủ New88. And can also be played offline. Many players have seen this game as a real form of making money.

What do you understand about the fish shooting game?

Fish shooting game is a wonderful game series famous all over the world. It requires speed, sharp eyesight, dexterity and calculation of the player.

When entering the fish shooting game table, players must observe the direction of the fish. Must follow the selected fish to shoot accurately. When you reach a certain number of bullets. Players will be able to shoot down schools of fish and receive worthy rewards.

Fish shooting is a very hot game in the beginning of this year. Ranked in the top of the most searched games and shows no signs of slowing down. This game has evolved into a fish shooting game that can be played on any device.

Popular types of fish shooting games today

The fish shooting game has a history of many years. According to development, fish shooting games currently include two types: offline fish shooting and online fish shooting. Let’s learn about these two types and see what’s different.

Offline fish shooting game – Play well and win big

Offline fish shooting is a general fish shooting game. Helps players entertain on phones or computers when there is no internet. This type of entertainment is very popular today.

Offline fish shooting allows players to download free versions of fish shooting games to their devices. And play whenever you want without having to connect to the internet.

However, you have to think carefully. Choose a trustworthy website or app. Received many positive comments from players. This will help reduce the chance of your computer or phone being infected with a virus.

It should also be noted that this is not the same as online fish shooting. All offline fish shooting games are only played for entertainment and relaxation and do not reward players.

Online fish shooting game – Shootright collect money in hand

In addition to entertainment, players can make a lot of money by playing fish shooting online. You will transform into a hunter. You will use your weapons to destroy underwater creatures such as: turtles, fish and mermaids.

Because each species has a different bonus value. So players should try to shoot the sea creatures with the highest bonus value.

To buy weapons, you must spend a certain amount of coins. In addition, nets or bombs will help you kill fish faster. Helps you achieve higher scores and bigger rewards.

Online fish shooting is a simple game, but there are many different species of fish in the ocean. Makes shooting valuable fish difficult. Therefore, you need to learn tips to have good strategies for catching fish.

Highlights that attract players of the fish shooting game

There are many different games to choose from today. However, fish shooting is still a popular relaxation and entertainment game. Let’s consider the distinct advantages of the game:

The gameplay is simple and easy to play

Even if you are new to the game, you can quickly learn how to play. To be able to shoot fish for money, you must first master the use of guns. Players will have the opportunity to receive large bonuses when playing the game.

This amount can be converted into cash and can be withdrawn at any time. This is one of the reasons why players are attracted to the game.

The images and graphics are top notch in the game

Most people who play the game feel like they are immersed in a vast ocean. 3D images are extremely attractive and captivating. Helps you relax while learning more about the creatures under the sea.

The images and colors of the game are bright tones with many outstanding colors. Looking at the images above will give players a feeling of relaxation and entertainment.

The sound system and characters are extremely beautiful

Fun sounds from the sound system and effects of the game. Not too sophisticated but gives players a feeling of fun and enjoyment.

This game will have many different fish species. There are also other sea creatures such as crabs, mermaids, squids, jellyfish, etc. Creating a real ocean is not boring.

Equip with a variety of guns in the fish shooting game

Manufacturers have released many types of guns and other weapons such as bombs, drugs, etc. Players will be free to choose weapons. How to suit each strategy. How to hunt fish with as many coins as possible.

Fish shooting game is completely free to download

Online fish shooting is a completely free game where all players are welcome. You can easily download the game to your computer and play whenever you want.

In particular, this game genre on the house supports playing on phones, computers, tablets…

The rules of the fish shooting game you need to know

The fish shooting game has common rules for online and offline fish shooting games. The general principle of the game is to use bullets to shoot fish. With small bullets, you can shoot small fish, and with large weapons and large bullets, you can hunt big fish.

Players can shoot as many fish as they want. The bigger the fish they shoot, the more money they get. When you shoot, aim for the fish’s head.

This will cause it to die faster. Depending on the type of hunting, the hunting rules will be different for you to conquer fish.

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Popular shooting types in fish shooting games

Fish shooting game: Make money very easily with great tips

If you want to make money from this game. You need to learn all the most basic information about the game. One of the things you need to know is the types of shots to hunt for money.

Shoot the whole herd

Use 4-5 coins to shoot fish. Shoot into the middle of a school of fish to earn more coins if there are more fish. When a school of fish swims by, there will often be a large fish swimming across the road. To hunt the whole school, wait for it to move first, then shoot to hunt the most small fish.

Shoot each fish

To play shooting individual fish, use two-coin bullets because there is no need for spread shooting. Only shoot one shot to kill a fish. In this way of shooting, simply use 2-coin bullets to shoot continuously until you die.

Only shoot 3-5 rounds and stop if you don’t die. Because it has come a long way. If it continues to fire, it will only waste bullets and it will still not die.

Huntright big fish

Shark and big fish hunting is only for players with a few thousand coins in their account. When shooting sharks, you must use 7 bullets to destroy each one. In this way of shooting, you will receive 100-200 coins. Along with many other attractive rewards.

Effects of each weapon in the fish shooting game

If you want to shoot a lot of fish. You must first understand how many types of weapons are available in the game. Here New88 will list the different types of weapons and their effects:

  • Cannon: There are seven bullet levels from low to high.
  • Explosive bomb: Kills all fish in the affected area at once.
  • Poison: Poisoning a large number of fish at once increases the chance of hitting the target.
  • Radiation in the game: Dropping once will increase your chance of winning and double your winnings.
  • Electric shock: Shocks all fish in the affected area, causing blood loss.
  • Shark Trap: Just drop it into the shark’s path and it will be trapped for 30 seconds.
  • Double Gold in fish shooting game: Shooting down any creature will double your gold.

Fish shooting tips are easiest to apply for beginners

To be able to make money from fish shooting games, you must know how to learn from experience. Experience will be the best playing tips from the veterans. The following are easy-to-learn experiences. Please apply to play nowwin right in the first games.

Aim and shoot fish quicklyright The fish just swam out

The simplest way to win this game isaim as soon as the fish leaves the table. However, to aim accurately, determine the direction of the fish. To avoid running out of bullets. Prioritize shooting the fish first and fully load your bullets before preparing to shoot.

Use the edge shooting strategy in the fish shooting game

One of the most common mistakes new players make is to be greedy and shoot the big fish first. Ignore the small fish. This is a bad way to play if you are a beginner. You should avoid it to avoid losing bullets unjustly.

Because when you shoot big fish that don’t die, you will lose a large amount of bullets. Lost and dead fish will not be counted.

Instead, you should know how to use the small angle of the shooter to shoot small fish. Keep rotating your barrel continuously. Then, fire each bullet slowly and let each bullet go in one direction. Each bullet fired will stick to a fish, big fish will shoot 2-3 bullets.

Instead of using 10 bullets to focus on destroying large fish. But the possibility of success is low. You can use 10 bullets to shoot both small and large fish. This will help you earn a larger amount of coins.

Strategy to increase bullets in betting games

One of the strategies used by many veteran players is increasing ammo. The more bullets you have, the more coins you get from the game. This amount will be equal to the number of bullets you have.

However, to use this strategy effectively. You have to be quick and sharp with the game. In particular, you also need to practice it regularly.

How to shoot a multi-coin tycoon

In the fish shooting game, choose the most expensive bullet and aim at the shark. With this shot. You can hunt the biggest fish in the entire ocean but at a high price. Consider whether you have enough money to continue playing this way. Avoid spending all your money on this method of shooting without being able to hunt fish.

With each level played in the game. You will receive one of three random gift boxes. Contains many different valuable rewards. From special items to Gold or Ruby gems.

You will especially benefit from ammo promotions. Can be up to 50% when opening gift boxes. Keep this in mind if you want to take advantage of these gift boxes.

Remember to shoot big fish when you have enough bullets

When playing fish shooting game, if you already have a certain amount of money in the game. Spend that total number of coins to shoot big fish to hunt for more money.

At the same time, you should use large bullets to shoot fish for rewards. This will be your chance to win a huge amount of money which will be amazing.

Tips for shooting fish in the head in the fish shooting game

When using large-range bullets 4 and 5, you must know how to hunt fish with more coins than 5. What you need to pay attention to is that these fish are usually quite strong and tough. Therefore, you should wait for them to form groups before shooting. This will bring high efficiency to each of your shots.


Shooting fish game is one of the games that helps many people hunt money every day at home. If you know how to apply good tips. Hopefully this sharing will provide you with useful information about the fish shooting game. Wishing you have exciting moments of experience with the fish shooting game!

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