Ecommerce Tips: Optimising Performance and Page Time Speed

There were well over 50 million active social media users in the UK in 2001. These numbers keep growing and growing. That’s why it’s worth having a site for your brand that users can flock to.

That’s where ecommerce tips come in. For instance, do you have a fast page time?

Keep reading to learn how you can soup up your site’s performance for quick page loading. That way, your ecommerce venture will stay at the forefront of the digital race.

Why Website Speed Matters

There’s no denying that website speed impacts user experience. Slow-loading pages can infuriate visitors. This will lead to higher bounce rates.

Remember that Google and similar search engines use page speed as a ranking factor. A sluggish website can sabotage your visibility.

What to Measure When Considering Website Metrics

To optimise your website’s performance, you must first understand your metrics. Keep an eye on major indicators like page load time and conversion rate. can tell you how your ecommerce website is performing.

Optimise All Images and Media for a Faster Website Load Time

Hefty images and videos can slow down your website. That’s why you should compress and optimise media files.

This will reduce their size without sacrificing quality. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy faster load times for each page.

Minimise HTTP Requests for Website Optimisation

Each part of your site needs an HTTP request for loading. The more requests you have, the slower the page will be. This can include images, scripts, and other elements.

Combine and minimise these requests to speed up load times. For instance, CSS sprites let you combine many images into one.

Enable Browser Caching for Better Website Performance

Browser caching lets you store elements on a visitor’s device. When a user returns to your site, these cached elements load faster.

Enable browser caching through your website’s settings or with the help of plugins.

Responsive Design and Mobile Optimisation

More and more people use mobile devices for online shopping. That’s why your website must be responsive.

Always pay attention to mobile-friendliness. You can do this by optimising for different screen sizes.

Don’t forget that Google prioritises mobile-friendly websites.

Update Your Website Regularly

Outdated software, plugins, and themes are like dead weight. They can even become security risks.

Keep your website’s infrastructure updated by getting security patches and the latest versions.

Consider the Right App Development Tool

When you build an ecommerce app, you’ll boost your website’s performance and user experience. Apps are favoured for their speed and convenience.

Investing in’s app development can give your business a competitive edge in the ecommerce market.

You’ll Have One of the Fastest Page Time Records

With proper optimisation, you can be proud of your page time. That way, you’ll keep potential customers happy as they shop online.

For reliable tech solutions, look no further than We can provide you with app development tools that will make your life easier. You can count on us for high-quality hosting and more.

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