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4 Tips To Go Viral On TikTok

TikTok has witnessed exponential growth since its inception in 2016. With its short-form videos and catchy music, TikTok has become a global phenomenon. Over time, the platform has demonstrated its potential for driving sales and boosting brand awareness in various industries. However, several businesses have a hard time going viral on TikTok. It is because they keep implementing the same strategies that yield results for them on other social media sites.

Well, you need to understand that TikTok has a unique algorithm. Besides, trends can change in the blink of an eye.To help you, we are sharing some tried-and-testedtips that will help you achieve the coveted viral status on TikTok:

  1. Keep Videos As Short As Possible

Several credible studies reveal our attention spans are getting shorter. Some experts are attributing this phenomenon to the constant barrage of information and stimuli in the digital space. Regardless of the reasons, due to the declining attention spans, engaging with customers has become more challenging than ever. That is why you should keep your TikTok videos short.

Short videos typically result in higher watch times. Viewers are more likely to watch them because they know that the content will not consume a significant chunk of their time. This increased engagement and retention can be a pivotal factor in making your content viral.

Plus, when viewers find a video easy to consume and entertaining in a short span, they are more inclined to hit that replay button or share it with friends. Again, this helps your content gain traction across the platform.

Indeed, coming up with short videos that convey the brand message is easier said than done. Fortunately, stock video footage providers can make your life a lot easier. These websites are well-versed with succinct and attention-grabbing visual content. They havea collection of video clips that are typically short, visually striking, and evoke desired emotions.

  • Post Consistently

Many people underestimate the constant churn of content on TikTok. Posting sporadically will not take you far on the platform. The reason isthat TikTok’s algorithms favor fresh content. When you post consistently, you increase your visibility on users’ feeds and the For You page. Plus, the platform’s viral sensations are always changing. So, if you are not actively participating and posting in real-time, you risk missing out on the latest trends and the opportunity to ride the wave of virality.

Consistency begins with setting a clear posting schedule. Depending on the business, the frequency of posting content could vary. Some might opt for daily uploads, while others may find that posting a few times a week does the job for them.

Be sure to upload videos to TikTok when your intended viewers are most likely to be using the app. If you publish your content at odd hours, your target audience might miss out on it. This implies that your content probably will not get the desired traction. Be aware of your audience’s time zones. If you have a global following, try to find a balance that caters to various time zones. It might involve scheduling posts at different times to reach different regions.

Remember, while consistency is key, it must not come at the cost of lackluster content quality. Take your time and make videos that truly speak to your audience rather than simply rushing through production.

  • Edit Your Videos

Many businesses create videos and post them immediately on TikTok, hoping for instant success. However, this approach often falls short of maximizing the impact of their content. You need to realize that the process of creating compelling TikTok videos does not end with filming. You have to follow up with thoughtful editing.

Editing enables you to fine-tune your content. It helps you remove any unnecessary or distracting elements, ensuring that your message is clear and concise. Whether you are promoting a product or telling a story, editing allows you to streamline your narrative for maximum impact.Editing gives you control over the timing and pacing of your video. You can cut out unnecessary pauses, speed up or slow down segments for emphasis, and ensure that your video flows smoothly.

Additionally, editing lets you spice up the visual and auditory aspects of your video. For example, you may adjust the brightness, contrast, and colors to make your video more visually appealing. You can also incorporate music, sound effects, and voiceovers to create a more immersive viewing experience. These enhancements can make your video stand out and capture the viewer’s attention.

TikTok has built-in basic editing features. However, for more advanced editing, consider using external editing apps or software.

  • Collaborate With Other TikTok Creators

Lately, TikTok has evolved from a space where individuals primarily created content in isolation to a platform that thrives on the synergy of creators working together. In fact, collaboration has become a defining feature of TikTok’s culture.

Working with other TikTok creators enables you to have access to their audiences. When you team up with someone who already has a substantial following, your content gets exposed to their viewers. This exposure brings new views to your profile and adds to your TikTok following.

Moreover, brainstorming with other creators paves the way for fresh content that stands out on TikTok. For example, a fashion brand collaborating with a renowned TikTokfashionista can lead to the creation of one-of-a-kind outfit styling videos that resonate with the platform’s fashion-savvy audience. As a business, this combination of expertise and creator flair will pave the way for ideas that you might not be able to explore on your own.

Remember, this will only work when you collaborate with the rightTikTok creators. To find the right influencer, dive into their content history. Assess the quality of their videos, engagement levels, and the consistency of their uploads. Also, pay attention to the tone, style, and messaging in their videos and ensure whether or not they align with your brand values.


Unlike in the past, you cannot simply upload your videos on TikTok and hope for the best. If you want your content to steal the show and reach relevant people to increase your return on investment, you must be well-versed in the best practices for doing so. To save you from extensive legwork, we have already compiled this comprehensive list of reliable hacks that will make you viral on TikTok. So implement these tactics right away,and your TikTok profile will leaveyour competitors behind before you know it!

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